MyCongregation Open Source

Due to increasing compatibility issues with Windows/Office updates, we are no longer offering MyCongregation for sale but have created a non-licensed version (i.e. no unlock code required) which can be installed on any Windows PC (as often as you like).

Please install/reinstall the software using the instructions below. Make your backup and then install using step 2. Then, try and open the software. If it works correctly then skip steps 3-5

  1. Make a backup of your data:

    go to \Documents\MyCongregation and make a copy of the file called MyDirectoryMaker_data.accdb
  2. Download and Install the software (if you already have it installed, but it is not working, then skip to step 3)

    IMPORTANT: After saving the file, you'll need to change the extension to .exe (from .ex) before running it.

    Link to the Installation File
  3. Download the open source file, then watch the instructional video

    Open Source file link

    Instructional Video
  4. Set Office Trusted Location

    Instructional Video
  5. Set version if necessary

    Instructional Video

    Ctrl + 1 = Standard Version
    Ctrl + 2 = Network Version
    Ctrl + 3 = Pro Version