About Us

Family Ties

“Mom, where’s the directory? I want to call Tyler’s mom and see if he can come over on Saturday.”

Here at MyDirectoryMaker we believe it’s all about community connections – not the Facebook virtual connections on the internet but the “pick up the phone and call” connections. From your school to your church or local neighborhood, we all need to stay connected and the family directory does this extremely well.

What started in 2007 as what they thought was a simple directory volunteer task at their kid’s school has turned into a full time software business with hundreds of customers. Today Jay and Tracie Oken are dedicated to providing quality software and service to local communities around the country.

When you buy our products you will receive the tools and training you need to start and complete your family directory project and help you produce a publication you can be proud of.

You have our word on it.

Jay and Tracie Oken


Jay, President

Jay is a CPA by trade and is a numbers guy. He has spent his career consulting with companies on how to use technology to help eliminate mundane functions and streamline their businesses. He has built several systems, including a donation tracking system for a prominent non-profit organization and a subscriber management system for a weekly newspaper.

Tracie, CEO

Tracie’s background is in software development. She has 20 plus years experience developing software to manage complex material planning issues for large companies and the U.S. military. Prior to starting Directory Solutions, Inc., she was Product Manager for the maintenance, repair and overhaul solution for the Navy at Western Data Systems (WDS).